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When you make a gift to the Williston Northampton Fund, you invest in our students and faculty. Choose to support what matters to you: academics, arts, athletics, DEIB, financial aid, or where it’s needed most. Thank you!

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Abigail Hazen
Abigail Johnson
Abiola Symphorien-Mattis
Go wildcats!!! (Casey M. 2027 family)
Abraham Gluz
Reilly Gluz and Elizabeth Gluz
Aidenne Alden
Alex Chen
Alex Teece
Alexander Berry and Caitlin Cronin
Alexandra Neilson Haverty
Go Wildcats!
Alexandra Strzempko
Alfred Wentworth
Alicea Elloras-Ally
Alison Wool Hirt
In honor of Laura Hurd
Allan Goldsher
Amanda Wojcicki
Amber Hamilton
Amy Brown
Amy Dowsett
Amy Larson Rhodes
In honor of Meg Colenback
Andrew Reiter
Andrew Turpin
In honor of Alex Stall Memorial Fund
Please allot funds towards a Jewish or Israeli student or Jewish Student Activities. Thank you -Andy
Andrew Wernick
Angela & Kevin O'Donnell
In honor of Dr. Vogel-Albanese
In honor of Darcy Vogel-Albanese and her tireless devotion to student success at Williston! She will be greatly missed!
Anne Westlund
Annie Carey & Jonathan Sherman
Anthony Begon
Antony Courtney
Arie Kopelman
Austin Ward West
In memory of Dick Gregory
Banlang Rungrotkitiyot
Love to you all
Barbara Krauthamer
In memory of Mr. Kevin Garrity
Barbara Krohn Lieber
Bennett Carlson
Bettina Buehler
My dearest friends and connections were made at Williston-Northampton and they formed my future.
Bill Haynor
Bill and Vicki Zurcher
Bob Heitman
We appreciate all of you very much. Thanks again! Bob Heitman
Bob and Jean Heitman
A wonderful school! Thanks very much!
Brandon Diaz
Brendan McCartney
Brian Webber
Carol Head
Carolyn Durcan
In honor of Michael I. Ginsberg
Michael I. Ginsberg '51 Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn Marsh
Excellent academics and great self confidence
Catherine Smith Teichert
Celeste Enriquez
Charissa Williar
Charlene Cross
In memory of Ruth E. Bishop (Meredith's Grandmother)
Charles Lambert
Charles Sullivan
Charlie Bensinger
Charlie Fogg
Chris Benedict
Chris Denham
In honor of Kevin Garrity
Christina Djossa
Christine Reading
Christopher Zamore
Christopher Zawacki
Christopher Zawacki
Claire Topal
Clement Gagne III
Clifford Selbert
Colin D'Amour
Connie Wilson
Conrad Johnson
In memory of Rick Francis
Corinne and Mike Briggs
Corrine Corso
Crawford Cutts
In memory of Rick Francis
donation to The Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
Cui’s family
Curt Mcleod
Cyrus Driver
A love of literature and an overall love in a well-rounded education that includes athletics, the arts, and high ethical standards.
DIABY Hourya
Malik Diaby
Dale Neuburger 1967
Confidence and leadership capability.
Daniel Canty
Daniel DeFeo
Go Wildcats!!!
Danielle Holtschlag
Darcie Kauffman Robertson
Darlene & Russell Klaubert
David Cavazuti
David Mederrick
David Mehr
David Segal
In memory of Coach Rick Francis
Both Coach and Mrs. Francis have made a positive impact on my life. I have kept in contact with them, and was saddened to learn of Coach Francis' recent passing. With heartfelt condolences Coach. Respectfully, David (Segs) Segal ' 75
David Teece
Dawn Pasternak
Deahni Kipnis
Dean Sanchez
Deborah Charren and Timothy Diehl
Debra Carroll Packard
Deirdre Kimball
In memory of Richard G. Kimball, teacher
Dennis McCarty
Don & Rita Dietrich
In honor of our grandchildren - Owen & Sam Dietrich
Donald Lightfoot
Donald Poulin
Smith Brothers Insurance is honored to work with and support Williston Northampton.
Doris Sohmen Pao
Doug Cooney
In memory of Gary Mysorski '69
Douglas Irvine
Edward Karanja
Williston is an academically fantastic, beautiful, and kind school that has provided my daughter with great joy and a unique opportunity to learn and meet wonderful teachers and beautiful fellow students.
Edward Mulligan
In honor of Dave and Ruth Stevens
Edwin Wadsworth
In honor of Rick Francis
Eleanor Scott
Elias McQuade
Structure and Commitment
Elinor Saltz
In memory of Stan Samuelson
Elizabeth McAlister Nicolas
In honor of Brian Crockett
and special gratitude to Alison Marsland....our Julien Nicolas '21 is now an admissions officer at Westminster!!!
Elizabeth Rouse
Elizabeth Rouse
Ellie Ballard
Emily Eakin
Emily Follansbee
Erich Cramer
Erin Cherewatti
Esther Kim
Fritz Holmes
In memory of Rick Francis
Gabrielle Thomas
Geoffrey and Kelly Moore
Thank you for the wonderful environment
Geordie Dunnington
George Hacker
Williston helped give me confidence, independence, leadership skills and a very solid education.
George Shaler
In honor of Rick Francis
Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
George Shaler
George and Dorothy Dunnington
Gerald Padmore
Gerardo Gonzalez Meza Hoffmann
Glenn & Betsy Morgan
Glenn Herosian
Please apply donation to Class of 68' fund Thank You
Glenna Clark Clapp
Greg Knight
Gregory Dysart
Gregory Yu
Go Wildcats !
Grigori Kapoustin
Hanna Whirty
Hansen Yang
Haoshu Xu
Harriet Tatro DeVerry
In honor of Rick Francis
Very fond memories at Williston and Cape Cod Sea Camps
Heather Harmon
Henry Reeve
In honor of Bob and Janet Couch
Henry Reeve
In honor of Rick Francis
Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
J. Roger & Ilona Cherewatti
Jacob Roscoe
James McGhee
James Ricci
James Roger
Excellent outreach and updates from close friend, Steve Hoyt
Jan & Donna GWOZDZIK
Thank You for the possitive impact you've had on our Granddaughter and life.
Jane Carr
confidence and celebration of his gifts
Jane Newman
In memory of Michael I. Ginsberg
Janet Rovetti
Jared Brewer
Jay & Betsy Grant
In memory of Rick Francis
Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
Jay Donovan
Jay Leet
Williston helped turn my life around.
Jeff Saslow
Jeffrey Amanti
Jeffrey Halpern
Jeffrey Hecht
Jen Bennett
Jennifer Grabowski
Jennifer Hurwitz
Jennifer McDonald
Jennifer and Lance Gaitenby Vachon
Jennifer and Perry Friedman
We are happy to support this wonderful institution and we thank you for everything you do for our kids!
Jesse Libby
Jessica Berrien
Jillian Dahrooge
Jim DeAngelis
To challenge authority constructively when necessary for the community's wellbeing.
Joanna OKelley
Johanna Wakelin
John Bradbury
John Bradbury
John Hayden
In honor of John & Emily
John Hodges II
John and Carolyn Dietel
John and Janet Egelhofer
Jonathan Gibbons
Jonathan Longley
Jorge Marcos Zablah
Jose Perez Jara
Great community makes great people, go wildcats!
Josh Melnick
Josée Dalcourt
Judy collen fisher
Julia Andrew Emerson
In honor of Elizabeth Andrew 1968
Julia Valine
In memory of Kevin Garrity
Julie Kuhn
In honor of Katie and Jon Edwards
Karen Misra
The level of self confidence in our student has grown tremendously!!
Katherine Ciejek Shea
Kathleen Fay
Kathryn Egelhofer Medow
Kathy Bauer
Katie Webber Schubmehl
In honor of Alec J. Stall
Katrina Borowiec
Kelly Houseman
Kelly ODonnell
Kelly Williamson Polanco
Independent Thinking
Kenneth Richard
Kevin Collins
Kevin Kelly
Sammy my Sammy!
Kevin McDaniel
Khaled Younes
In honor of The amazing faculty and staff of Williston. Thank you for a joyful opening day (‘23-‘24). And, for the amazing welcome into your wonderful community for our children.
Kim Yap
Kim and Steve Kuster
In honor of Chris Dietrich
We are so grateful for the Williston community.
Kristy Allardyce
In honor of Fred Allardyce
For inspiring, encouraging, and supporting his grandchildren and their Williston experience.
Lailani Martinez
Lawrence Hyman
Lawrence Yee
Lesley Doll
Lew Davis
Lew Davis
For the Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
Lindsey Bannish
Lisa Yamilkoaki
Lise and Eric Sanders
Liz Zieminski
In memory of Dick Gregory
Mr. Gregory such an accomplished artist who believed in young artists!
Louise Wellborn Spindler
Luke Ballard
In memory of Rick Francis
Williston was my second chance. The faculty helped move me toward goals and accomplishments that I thought were out of reach.
Mackie Gardner
Maggie D'Amour
Marc Warner
Please dedicate this donation to the Williston Northampton music programs.
Marcella Yearwood
Margaret DAmour
Margaret Landon
In honor of In honor of Zachary and Alexander
Marisa Devlin
Thank you to all the faculty and staff for everything you do, every day, for the community. We are very fortunate that our daughter discovered Williston!
Mark Berman
Mark Dausch
Mark Rohrer
Mary Alcock
Mary Beth/Frank Adams Dorsey
Matthew Frankel and Laura Linn
Melissa Lucas
Michael Baxter
Go Wildcats!!
Michael Bello
Michael Coughlin
Michael Lyons
Michael Toole
Michelle Jacques
Michelle Krusko
Migdalia Gonzalez
Mike Galligan
Go Wildcats!
Miriam Halpern Sosnick
Mladen Zebic
We appreciate your efforts.
Morgan Nichols
Nathaniel Ferraro
Neil McCullough
Go Wildcats!
Neill Schoonmaker Jr
Nicole Clausing
Owen Mael
Paul Ferreira
Paul Smyth
Paula Monopoli
Penny Block Berk
Peter & Meg Valine
Peter Hayden
Peter Lynde
Peter Skinner
In honor of Coach Rick Francis
Petr Gorlich
Phil Groman
Popia '10
Character Friendship and an Everlasting Memory
Rand Alexander
In memory of Rick Francis
Rebecca Bakunin
In honor of Fred Bakunin
Please put this donation towards the Fredric A. Bakunin '59 Memorial Scholarship
Reece Liang
Richard Arms
Richard Noland
Richard Palmer
Richard Wagman and Mindy Pincus
Robert Gleason
Robert Peirent
Robert Peters
Robert Shaw
In honor of Rick Francis
Robert Vigderman
we love williston
Robert and Kirsten Bartlett
Roderick Carnie
Ronald Gwiazda
Rujaluk Sukcharoenyingyong
In honor of Sarat (Est) Sukcharoenyingyong
Russell & Betty Gaudreau
Excellent education for our granddaughter Betsy Gaudreau.
Russell Creighton
Rustin McIntosh
Ryan Wilkie
Ryan and Carrie Callahan
Sally and Al Griggs
In memory of RIck Francis
Rick and Marilyn Francis Appreciation Fund
Sam Greeley
In honor of Mathew Peck
Samantha Healy Vardaman
Curiosity and confidence!
Sanravee Kraisithsirin
Sara Lamm
Sarah Hambleton
Sarah Hoffman
Scott Rissmiller
Sebastian Rivera
Shaina D'Souza
Williston is a warm family!
Sicen Hua
Stefne Lynch
Stephanie Platt
Stephen & Molly Hoyt
Steve Pincus
Steven & Eileen Krol
Steven Andrezyk
Keep up the good work
Steven Weiner
Steven and Roberta Berrien
Stuart Blanchette
Susan Andrew
Susan Everets
T Michael & Katherine White
TD Byrd Hughes
Tad Wentworth
In honor of Alfred R Wentworth
Tate Kuster
Taylor Scyocurka
Temple Peterson
Teresa Odian-White
An amazing experience
The Walkers
Williston Rocks
Theodore & Carol Matthias
Theodore Nellen
Thomas Cleary
Thomas McDowell
Thomas Zavorski
Thomas and Ruth Beaton
Tim Canon
Tina Petricca
In memory of Rick Francis
Tina Zalewski
Tom LaSalle
In memory of Richard Sandulli '58
For hosting many alumni reunions at his home. RIP
Tommy Reed
Torunn Rhodes
Tracy Cerasuolo
Trish Ferris & John Kane
Victor Moye
Virginia Neyens
Volanakis George
Wendy Hannah
Wilfred Shepardson
William Okun
William Wagner
Wynne Brown
Self-expression while creating space for differing view points
Xiaochuan Luo
Yemi Lawani
Yong & Myunghyun Park
Yvonne Tropp-Epstein
In honor of A. Robert Veronesi '10
Beryl stocker
Brittany weiss
Diane dudeck
In honor of Jonathan Dudeck
Williston was a terrific experience for Jonathan, and he made lasting friendships, and was prepared for UC Santa Barbara.
Frank vana
Gil keegan
James c. clarke
Jonathan ng
Karen hansen
Karolee brown
Williston has been amazing for my daughter's social and academic development.
Katherine shaine
Laura Ziomek
Robert stone
Seungbae park
to keep student being strong
Shannon sakaske
Go wildcats!
In honor of Ann Pickrell
In honor of xiaoqing wan
Warm Cimmunity!warmheart faculty!Bright Future for Williston
In memory of Robert Hall '53
Please use this donation in the memory of my Dad, Robert Hall, to support an area of need identified by the Faculty.
In honor of Monique Conroy and Mark Conroy
Mark and Mo created community of respect, made colleagues who trusted each other and built each other up, built the community into their family and were always friendly faces on campus. Thank you for making us better!

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