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'William and Carolyn Lawry
A. Spencer Rasi Jr. '69
A.L. and Sally M. Griggs
Aaron J. Punska
Abigail Katuska
In memory of Rie Gordon '00
Abraham and Bertha Gluz
Adam Ciejek
Adam Honig and Emily Breon
Adam J. Shayevitz
Aidenne Alden
In honor of Donald R. Tench
Alex & Lisa Ciejek
Alex Chen
Alexander Berry and Caitlin Cronin
Alexandra & Patrick Haverty
Alexandra Darrow
Attending Williston enabled my son Seneca to participate in a far more well rounded high school experience than he had at our local high school where he seemed to play hockey year round. At Williston, he played hockey and other sports, participated in all high school activities and learned to excel in academics, plus he has great stories from his years there.
Alfred Wentworth
Alicia Latkovski and Douglas Hamilton P'21
Alison Brown
Alison O'Donald
Alison Sandefur
Allison Marsland and Maria Rello
Amy Burrows Cain '65
Andrew B. Bailey '08
Andrew R. Meyers
Ann T. Hall
Anne-Marie Thiel and Rachael Bartels
Annelise Atamian
We are so grateful for the Williston community! Thank you!
Annie Carey
Anthony Dela Cruz
Antigoni Lively
In honor of Sako Lively
Keep up the great work! So proud of you!
Ariel Reiter
In honor of Al
For wrestling
Armando and Rosette Paez
Williston is guiding my kids to be the best version of themselves. Thank you!
Arthur B. Locke '54
Arthur and Jane Emerson
Athavan Raja Durairaj
Best Wishes
Audrey Mandel
Aura Bruce
A huge kudos to how amazingly well the school planned and organized the Williston community during these Covid times -- from the earliest days of uncertainty to present. Thank you!!!
Barbara Agosin
Barbara Krohn Lieber
Bart and Linda Luedeke
In honor of Chris Luedeke '22
Becca P. Macdonald
Ben Tolles
Benet Pols
Bernard R. Tromblay
Bernard and Cynthia Borowski
Bernie Wexler
Beth Hotoph DeLaurentis
Beth Rosenstein
Bill Borkon
Bill Carellas
Bill Childs
Bill Lang
Bill and Pat Kerr
Blair Sceery
In honor of Ralph and Suzanne Roberts
We love Williston!!!
Blake Hall
Bob Barini
Bob Birch
Bob Birney
Bob Fillmore
Bob Heitman
Bob Meara
Bob Story
Bob and Janet Kinstle
Bob and Liz Blanchette
Boyko Family
Brad Milne
Brandon Diaz
Brett Morrison
Brett and Natalie Barth
Brian & Lisa McCarthy
Go Wildcats!!
Brian C. Studwell
Brien and Victoria Jenkins
C. Kenneth Burke
C. Lawrence L. Irwin
Caitlin Mitchell
Carl T. Woolley '56
Carol Paluca
In memory of F. Daniel Paluca '53
Carol Perry
Carole Blenkinsop
Caroline Swartwood Blash
Carolyn Marsh
In honor of Sarah Whitaker and Dorothy Bement
An inspirational duo that provided a nurturing environment for a great start!
Carrie Closuit
Charissa Williar
Charlene Cross
In honor of Meredith Cross
Welcome to Williston! We are so proud of you!
Charles & Cheryl Duggan
Charles Ferguson
Charles L. Howe
Charles McNeil
In honor of Paul Joseph McNeil
Thank you for inspiring peaceful progress in the world.
Charles Paul
Charles Sullivan
Charles and Margaret Rich
Charlie Bensinger
Charlie Camp
Chensheng Pan
The Dance Ensemble, keep up the good work!
Cherie Holmes
Chester D. Andrews
Chihiro Yamagata
Surely “HOME AWAY HOME “for my child!
Chris Palmieri
Chris Zawacki
Chris and Cheryl Mattocks
Christina Lambrinos
We are very fortunate and grateful that our son is part of the Williston family.
Christine Insley
Christine Webster
Christopher & Melanie Gargamelli
Chuck and Judy Ozolins
Colleen Thom
In honor of Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon’00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences.”
Connie Lotz
In memory of Arthur Kaiser '62
Cynthia Berk Marcus
In memory of Edward Marcus '53
Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund
Dale Long
Dale Neuburger '67
Damafing Thomas
In honor of Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon’00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences.”
Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon’00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences.”
Dan Desjardins
In honor of Dick Gregory
Daniel and Jessica Berrien
Darcy Albanese
Darlene Klaubert
Dave '85 and Janice Fedor
Dave Duquenne
Dave McCoid
Dave and Kathleen Cost
Dave and Virginia Huntley
In honor of Shea Huntley '24
David Cavazuti
David Connolly
Appreciate the Williston vision articulated by Laurie Cormier
David E. Sullivan and Catherine M. Hancock
David Hebb
David L. Crafts
David Morse
David Quinn
In honor of Cathleen Robinson
David and Dorothy Lynde
David and Erin Fontaine
David and Holly Amanti
David and Patrice Tuohey
Deanna Courtney
Go Wildcats!
Deborah Block Davis
Deborah Jackman
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
Friend of the family XO
Deborah M. Baginski
Debra Packard
Del Thomas
In honor of Anna Jofre '22
Dennis H. and Deborah N. Grubbs
Derrick Parson
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
Devon E. Ducharme
Diane Izenstein Goodman
Dick Bennett
Dick and Nancy Quigley
Dolores Howley
Don & Tracy Poulin
Don DeVeuve
Don Gaudion
Don Levinson
Don and Rita Dietrich
In honor of Owen Dietrich '23 and Sam Dietrich '27
Donald M. Kitchen
Donald R. Klock
Donald W. Cook
Donald and Ruth Katzner
Doris and Andreas Sohmen-Pao
Dorothy C. Perkins '66
Doug Aykroyd
Doug Rockel
For Sherrie-Ann Gordon foundation
Douglas C. Cooney
Douglas R. McClellan '68
Douglas Schwartz
Douglas Watson
Dusty and Mary Lou Hoyt
Dwight and JoAnn Jones
In memory of Philip C. Viscidi Jr. '65
E. Bruton and Kristen Strange
Ed Foster
Ed Green
Ed Shuttleworth
Edmund Geschickter
Edward G. Stafford
In memory of James M. Hitchings '67
Edward Hing
Edward and Abigail Johnson
Edward and Elizabeth Tyburski
Edward and Linda Mullin
Edwin McAmis
Elisabeth Lyman
Elizabeth Gans
In memory of John D. Gans '43
Elizabeth Miller Grasty
Elizabeth Williams
In memory of Sherrie-Ann Gordon Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences
Elle Quinn
In memory of Sherri-Ann Gordon Fund
In honor of the Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund
Ellen Rutan
Ellie and Matt Ballard
Emily Ciejek Vidmar
Emily Dominik
Emily Laird Dresser
Emily McDowell
Eric Ketcham
Eric Yates
Erin Gaudreau
Erin Lewis
In honor of Cathleen Robinson
Eugene C. Menne
First Republic Bank
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
Florence Mahoney
Forbes Warren
Francis W. Lovett
Frank Buonocore
Frank Lucchesi
Fred and Diane Chalfonte
Frederick G. Olander
Frederick W. Thorne Jr.
GREGG Petricca
Gary and Rinà Bernstein
Geof Follansbee
George Cadwgan
George Dunnington
George E. Ryan
In memory of Robert A. Hutzler '58
George Shaler
George Volanakis
George and Andrea Anastos
Glenn Herosian
Glenna Clapp
Gordon Sullivan
Gordon and Margery Carr
Greg Morrison
Gregory Creedon
It wasn't possible during my time at Williston to have the support that could have made a difference for me, so, I wanted to help the LGBT kids at Williston now in some way. And if anyone is interested in a presentation to a group by this random oldster, I could be available.
Harvey J. Kaltsas
Helene Bernstein
Henry E. Simkin
Herbert Graff
Hien Luu
In honor of Hieu Ngoc Duong
Keep up the good work
Howard E. Bell
Howard Hastings
Ingrid Barrett McDonough
J. Milo Robinson
Jah-Jah and Kim Robinson
James A. Ewen
James C. Clarke
James E. Cain '68
James Ricci
James Travis
Jan & Donna GWOZDZIK
Thank you for great start in life the faculty, staff and school are providing all the students
Jane Bird Stearns
Jane Reid McAnulty
Janessa Cox-Irvin
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
For Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund
Janice Weidenborner
Jason Bornstein
Jay Haksar
In memory of David J. Watson
Jay and Kathe Fogleman
In honor of S.A. Fogleman '10 and Morgan Fogleman '16
Jeanine M Hodges
So grateful for the friendly and supportive environment at Williston Northampton! The academics, sports and arts have been amazing. My daughter will be well prepared for college.
Jeanne G. Williams
Jeff Bastable
Jeff Carlson
Jeff Roberts
Jeffrey Amanti
Jeffrey C. Lovelace Jr.
Jeffrey E. Pilgrim
In honor of Raymond L. Brown '55
Jeffrey and Judith Lovelace
Jen Bennett
Jen Fulcher and Lisa Melendy
Jenn McDonald
Thank you Williston!
Jennie Dunham
Jennifer Capshaw
Jennifer Hurwitz
Jennifer L. Lightsey '88
Jennifer and Jack Howell
Thank you, Williston, for being a positive and supportive community for our son. We are so grateful, especially in these unpredictable times, to have such an incredible Wildcat family. Thank you!!
Jian Cui and Lei Xu
Jim Ewen
Jim and Chris Cowperthwait
JoAnn Luning
Joan Arms
Joan Manuel
Joanna Jones
Joanne G. Folger
In honor of Matthew Folger '16
Joe Dion
Joe Rigali
Johanna Wakelin
John H. White
John Hodges
John J. Kawie
John Kronholm
John O'Keefe and Lynne Stopen
John R. Houghton
John W. Adams
John W. Fenny
John W. Peterson
John and Almedia Livingston
John and Barbara McGraw
In honor of Bob Hill
John and Cindy Wilinsky
John and Janet Egelhofer
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon '00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences. We came to know and love Sherrie during her time at Williston, and feel that this is a wonderful way to honor her memory.
John and Kathleen Weiss
John and Lisa Joyce
John and Maureen Sheehan
John and Sheila Soja
Jon and Donna DeCoste
Jonathan & Sarah Gibbons
Jonathan Sherman
Joseph D. and Cynthia A. H. Stinson
Joseph N. Scott
Joseph Sico
Joseph W. Podolak
Joseph and Angela Wright
Joseph and Kelly Minton
Joseph and Mary Ryan
In memory of Phillip C. Viscidi Jr. '65
Judd Mott
Judith Harlow
In memory of Allyn West Jr. '53
Julie Eastwood Dwight
Junel and Martine Attys
Karen Misra
Proud of our Wildcat!
Karleen Schaffer
In honor of Greg Tuleja
Kata Baker
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon. And to Williston faculty, for their dedication in working through a pandemic!
Katharine Cole Esty
Kathleen Elliott
Kathleen Harvey
Kathleen Mahoney
Kathleen and Andrew Fay
Kathryn Medow
Kathryn Wood Lamb
Kathryn von Schoeler
Katrina Borowiec
Katy Varga-Wells
Kay Cowperthwait
Thanks to Williston for doing such an amazing job during this challenging time of Covid. We are very grateful for everything the faculty and staff are doing, thank you so much!
Kei Uramatsu Zehr
Ken Harms
Kenneth F. Womack
Kevin Markey
Go Wildcats!
Kevin R. Hoben
Kevin Zongzhe Li
Kevin and Barbara Queenin
Kevin and Teresa White
Keyona Smith
Kim Carroll
Grateful for the opportunities and experiences Williston has provided for our beautiful daughter.
Kim Sherman
Thanks for a great start to the 21/22 school year.
Kimberly Espina
In honor of Sherrie Gordon
Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon’00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences
Konstantinos N. and Sunita B. Sierros P'16, '21
Kristen Hedstrom
Kristin Allardyce
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund
I've had the wonderful privilege of working with Sherri's sister Jacqueline for over 10 years. Beautiful family and life-changing effect knowing them.
Thank you, Williston for being a postive and supportive community for our son. Ngoc Hieu are very happy at Williston. I would love to see him growth and well prepared for his journey ahead.
Larry Scheehser
Larry Whalen
Larry and Lucille Kostek
Lauren O'Connor
Lauren Ostrow
Lauren Rawlins
Bermuda Alumni that has been meaning to do this for several years and will continue to donate going forward - Willie Prep were the best years of my life !!!
Laurie Fischer Heflin '67
In memory of Henry and Lorraine L. Teller
Law Office of Hernandez M. Rhau
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
Lawrence R. Hamilton
In memory of Daniel M. Cain '64
Lawrence Yee
Lawrence Yee
Lee & Kathryn Pearcy
Lee MacVaugh
Lewis Rabinovitz
Lilibeth K. Denham and Kristin L. Dardano
Lilliana Santiago
I loved Williston. Amazing experience.
Linda Dzwil
Linda Giering
Linda Jo Butterfield
For my granddaughter, Annika Jensen
Lisa Levchuk
In honor of Sherrie Gordon
Sherrie Gordon fund for Equity ..she was amazing.
Lisa Vazquez
Loraine Millman
Lorraine Williams
Louis C. Arp
Louise Montague
Lucero Cano
Lucien S. Marchand
Lynn Cavanagh
Mahesan and Helen Richards
Marc W. Richman '54
Marc Warner
Margery A. Shaw
Maria and Scott Luedeke
Marilyn M. Cataldo
Marion J. Clauson
Mark Armaganian
Mark Clemens
Mark and Jennifer Bixby
Mark and Kristy M. Cutting P'02, '07
Martha Farrell Goodridge '71
Martha Gregory
In memory of David Gregory '57
Martha W. Baker
Mary Belcourt
In memory of Noel J. Belcourt Jr. '53
Mary Blanchard Berube
Mary Dorsey
Mary E. Alcock '84
Mary Engvall
Mary I. Logan
Mary Sawyer
Mary Uschmann
Matthew Frankel
Maura Brackett
Mauri and Scott Zemachson
May Elizabeth Nutting Bigelow '55
Meaghan Sullivan
Please designate this donation to go towards the Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon '00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences. Thank you! - Meaghan Sullivan
Melissa Duffy
I am so glad that my daughter can experience Williston, and I am so happy to see the school evolve with our ever-changing world.
Meredith Poster + David Bukzin
Keep up the great work, Williston!!!
Merritt J. Aldrich
Michael Coughlin
Michael D. Lockshin '55
Michael D. Marcus '60
Michael Doubleday and Andrea Noel-Doubleday
Michael Saliba
Michael Silipo
Michael Stein
Michael and Amy Blanchard
Michael and Elizabeth McHale
Michael and Josie Carbone
Michael and Lee Behnke
Michael and Maureen McCartney
Mike Brown
Mike Moonves
Mikihiko Sugiyama
Morgan Nichols
In honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon’00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences
Muriel Graham
Nader Saborouh
Nancy Follansbee
Nancy M. Lane
Nancy S. Aquadro
Nathan Saxe and Amy Crysel
Neill W. Schoonmaker
Nick Holmes
Nicole Clausing
Oluwatosin O. Onafowokan
Owen Mael
Owen S. Walker
Paige Brinkley
Pam Oddy
Panop Kasemsarn
Patricia J. Parsons
In honor of Madeleine H. Stern '14 and Caleb M. Stern 19
Patrick Litano
They supported me financially, when I needed it. They tripled my son’s self esteem. He loved Williston.
Paul Andrzejczyk
Paul G. Blumberh
Paul S. Fein
Paul Sonerson
Paul and Betty Haaland
Paul and Kathryn Marcinczyk
Paula Alrutz
Paula Banach
Paula Monopoli
Paula Phillips
In memory of Philip C. Viscidi Jr. '65
Penny Block Berk
Perry and Jennifer Friedman
Thank you, Williston, for all you've imparted to Sage and June, and especially for managing so effectively during the COVID epidemic.
Peter B. Johnson
Peter J. Stasz
Peter M. Selkowitz
Peter and Meg Valine
Phil Robinson
Phillips B. Stearns '70
Qiyang Zhu
Thank you for helping and educate all teachers of Jack.
R. Bardwell Heavens
R. Reed Gramse
Rachel Currie-Rubin
Reece Liang
Rich and Ellen Abbott
Richard Brown
Fifty years on from graduation - the school continues to excel in everything it does.
Richard F. White Jr.
Richard J. Sandulli '58
Richard L. Fricke '90
Richard Lockshin
In honor of Prasert (Pete) Kulvanit, class 1955
Richard Meurer
Richard S. Howland
Richard S. Prescott
Richard W. Curtis
In honor of Barabara Curtis Baker and Ellis Baker
Richard and Laura Vachet
Rick Manson
Robert E. Mattson
Robert J. Samuelson
Robert M. Stilson '59
Robert Peirent
Robert S. Ebersold
Robin McKeon
Rod MacInnes
Rogelio Novey
Rose Marie Murphy
Roy Henwood
Russell and Cynthia Murphy
Rustin McIntosh
Ruth Ann Henchey '76
Ruth Perkins Sico
Sadie Somerville
Sam Hull
Sara Lamm
Sarah Fogleman
Sarah Griggs
Sarah Mitchell
Sarfo Mensah
In memory of Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon '00
Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon '00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences at The Williston Northampton School
Scott Perry
Seokjoung An and Gyumi Ryu
Serge Dube
Sergio & Melissa Alvarado
Thank you for being a positive and supportive community for Megan to thrive in! Grateful to be part of the Wildcat family!!
Seth Cohen
Seth M. Kassels
Shannon Gilligan
In memory of Raymond A. Montgomery '54
Sheila Turner
Sheryl Poplstein
Shirley M. Smith
In memory of Henry W. Smith '44
Stephanie Flores
In memory of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
gift is earmarked to the Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund.
Stephen A. Leber
Stephen Durant and Ellen See Durant '64
Stephen E. Schwartz
Stephen P. White
Stephen Schoder
Stephen and Suzanne Kulik
Steve August
Steve and Lisa Haddad
Steven Weiner
Steven and Kimberley Kuster
Stewart Reed and Angela Perry
Surat Sukcharoenyingyong
In honor of Surat Sukcharoenyingyong
Susan L. Andrew
Susan L. Morrison
In honor of Kevin Yochim '10 and Katie Yochim '12
Susan R. Robbins
Susan Vandewater Reeks
Susette Lyons W'58, P'87, '90
Suzie Thorn
Sylvia Prentice Dart
Tamsin Smith
Thanks for the happy memories and for looking after my daugther!
Tania Shaum
Tanya Morehouse
Ted and Cindy Keyes
Ted and Marguerite Bartlett
In honor of Arthur Joseph O'Donald IV '25
Terri Stewart Kinstle and David Kinstle
Terry Martin
The Carlstrom Family
Thomas B. Dayton
Thomas and Emily Barnes
Tim Janeway
Tim Reynolds
Tim and Veronica Carroll
Timothy Eustis
Todd Rees and Paula Sturdevant-Rees
Todd and Robin Jensen
Tom Haverty
Tom LaSalle
In memory of Robert A. Hutzler '58
Tom Roberson
Tom Sullivan
Tom and Maria Glick
Tommy Reed
Better Every Day! -Williston Hockey
Torunn Rhodes
Tracy and Hank Sesselberg
Thank you so much for making Meryl’s high school years amazing! We are so grateful!
Tricia Hines
Trudi Goheen Swain
Tyler Oleksak
Victor Moye
Vincent M. LoBello
Vivian Liu
Vuttichai Wanglee '63, P'95, '97
Walter J. Nester
Walter and Martha McLaughlin
Warner Babcock
I would like to see all students understand and be more inspired more about the critical and good role business, capitalism and free and fair markets play in society, as well as how to budget for themselves after HS. Have more inspirational speakers from business, espcially family businesses and those who have built their own businesses.
Wendy Hannah
Wendy Hicks Coerper
William Fogg and Julie North
William J. Lawrence '77 and Shawn Benoliel Lawrence '78, P'15
William Morrison
William O'Brien
William and Jilian Larkin
Wing Shan Fiona To
Winifred Alogna
Xiaohong Hu
In honor of Mr. Colin Mann
Thanks to Mr. Mann for his support on my son's music learning.
Xiaohong Hu
In honor of Mr. Liam McMahon
Yan Xing
Yasser and Khadija Hussain
YiaoTee Hsia
Thank you Williston for what you have taught me.
Yongmei Zhang
Yvonne Tropp-Epstein
In honor of A. Robert Veronesi
Zheng Bing Lu and Minxia Chen
Zuleka Henderson
In loving honor of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
Frank vana
John Murphy
In memory of Philip C. Viscidi Jr.
Myungryun lee
Shannon sakaske
Please allocate my gift to the Sherrie Ann L Gordon "00 Equity Fund for Social and Diverse Experiences.
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon

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James RicciParent ’98
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Law Office of Hernandez M. Rhau
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In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
Sarfo Mensah
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Nancy FollansbeeParent ’95, ’98, ’04
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Joan ManuelNSFG Alumni ’56
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LUU THI MINH HIENStudent ’25Parent ’25
Supported 4 days ago
Thank you, Williston for being a postive and supportive community for our son. Ngoc Hieu are very happy at Williston. I would love to see him growth and well prepared for his journey ahead.
Supported 6 days ago
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon
Stephanie Flores
Supported 7 days ago
In memory of Sherrie-Ann Gordon
gift is earmarked to the Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund.
Derrick Parson
Supported 7 days ago
In honor of Sherrie Ann Gordon

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