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In honor of John Willett
Williston provided me with lifelong friends and a base of learning skills that carried me through two Masters degrees and various careers that continue to this day.
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For the Class of '65
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Keep charging forward!
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Amy Brown
In honor of Please allocate this donation specifically to the Cathleen C. Robinson Scholarship Fund.
Amy Desrosiers '94 and Christopher Desrosiers '95
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Beatrice Cody
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I meant to do this on Founders Day.....
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In memory of In memory of Eugene C. Gadiare '67
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In memory of Ralph and Suzanne Roberts
So proud of the education that my daughter is receiving at Williston. It is an amazing community that is continually working on bettering themselves in many avenues through sports, academics, and the arts. Through the support and care of the faculty, staff and the student body, my daughter's life is enriched in so many ways. Thank you!
Blake Hall
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