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A. Spencer Rasi
Aaron J. Punska
Abraham and Bertha Gluz
Adam Honig
Thank you Williston!
Adam and Christine Seiden
Aidenne Alden
Aidenne Alden
In memory of Donald Tench ‘41
Alan H. Lazarus
Alan R. Kelsey
Albert and Jenny Internoscia
Alex & Lisa Ciejek
Alex Chen
school spirit
Alexander Berry and Caitlin Cronin
Alexandra and Patrick Haverty
Go Wildcats!
Alfred Wentworth
Alice Ng
Williston was a very good school for my son Jonathan! He enjoyed his 4 years with fantastic teachers!
Allen and Jane Curran
Amber Hamilton
Amy Brown
Amy L. Rhodes
Andrea Mowbray
Andrea and Keith Adams
In honor of Jen fulcher
We are so thankful for Jen Fulcher who is the heart and soul of the middle school. We were fortunate that our son was able to be a part of the very special world of the middle school. It is an amazing learning environment which provided him with a solid foundation in academics and several life long friends. The school and the faculty there will always hold a very special place in our hearts.
Andreas and Doris Sohmen-Pao
Andrew Faulkner
Andrew Hershon
Andrew R. Meyers
Andrew Turpin
In honor of Alex Stall Memorial Fund
Love my school. Alex was a good friend and his sister great roommate to my sister.
Andrew Wernick
Andrew and Deborah Faulkner
Andrew and Kamaala Townshend
Angela & Kevin O'Donnell
Thank you to all Williston teachers for all that they do!!
Ann Hoyt
Ann T. Hall
Anna Martini and Maria Kopicki
Anne Westlund
Annelise and Douglas Atamian
Annie Carey
Anthony Sabetti
Antonio Lanzilli
Antony Courtney
Arthur and Jane Emerson
Athavan Raja Durairaj
Austin Ward West
Banlang Rungrotkitiyot
❤️ Williston
Barbara Krohn lieber
Barry L. Searle
Benet Pols
Bennett Carlson
Bernard R. Tromblay
Bill Okun
Bill and Pat Kerr
Bob Heitman
A really great school that made a huge difference in my life!
Bonnie Burke
Brandon Diaz
Brendan McCartney
Brendan McCartney
Brett and Natalie Barth
Carl T. Woolley
Carol A. Paluca
In memory of F. Daniel Paluca '53
Carol Head
Carolyn Marsh
Carolyn and Kelly Durcan
In honor of Michael I. Ginsberg '51 Memorial Scholarship
Catherine H. Skove
Catherine Smith Teichert
Celeste Enriquez
Charissa Williar
Charlene Cross
In honor of Meredith K. Cross
Charles & Cheryl Duggan
Charles H. Eglee
Charles Johnson
In honor of Thank you Mesers B. Moser and St. George
Charles Lambert
Charles Sullivan
Charlie Bensinger
Charlie Fogg
Chris Zawacki
Chris Zawacki
Christie Root
Christina Lambrinos
Thank you to all teachers and staff for all your support!
Christine Reading
Christopher Miller
Christopher Zamore
In honor of Ellis Baker
Clayton T. Hardon
Clifford L. Selbert
Colin D'Amour
Connie Lotz
In honor of In memory of Arthur Kaiser '62
Craig and Lynn Shibley
Curt Mcleod
Dale Neuburger
Damir Brcic
Thank you Williston!
Daniel G. Dausch
Daniel R. Phakos
Darcie Robertson
Darlene Klaubert
David A Shaw
David C. Beebe
David Cavazuti
David DeSwert and Sara B. Pruss
David E. Fedor and Janice Fedor
David E. Sullivan and Catherine M. Hancock
David F. Teece
David L. McCoid
David Schmidt and Tracy Zafian
David and Amy Miniter
In memory of In memory of Laura Hurd '01
David and Holly Amanti
David and Patrice Tuohey
Dazhi Zhang and Xiaoqing Wan
Deborah C. Jerome
In honor of 50th Reunion Gift
Debra Packard
Delores Howley
Denise Moore
Denise Wellman
In honor of Lee Marie Greener
Lee is an exceptional former student of mine, recently recognized as one of the 50 Women Defining the Future for the Next 50 Years. Lee stood out as a strong leader while at the University of South Carolina and we are a better institution because of the many ways she contributed to our campus! Congratulations Lee and all of the women recognized! Set the world on fire - we need you!
Denison Marsland-Rello
Dennis H. and Deborah N. Grubbs
Denny A. Fuller
Devon Elliott
In honor of Owen & Sam Dietrich
Son Chris Dietrich is the Dean of Admissions and grandsons Owen and Sam Dietrich are students.
Don M. Levinson
Donald G. DeVeuve
Donald R. Klock
Donald and Ruth Katzner
Dorothy C. Perkins
Doug Irvine
Douglas Schwartz
Douglas Watson
Duncan J. and Meg Laird
Earl Kramer
Edmund C. Green
Edward A. Lonergan
Edward J. Bertozzi
Edward N. Karanja
Edwina Buehler
Eleanor B. Molyneux
Eleanor Scott
Elinor Lipman
In memory of Dr. Robert M. Austin P '00
Elisabeth Lyman
Elizabeth Rouse
Elizabeth Rouse
This contribution is to the Rouse Family Scholarship Fund; It honors Robert (Bob), Richard (Dick) Rouse, their father and Williston teacher Charles (Chuck) Rouse and Charles' brother Jim who also graduated from Williston I believe in the 1930's.
Elizabeth Whiteley and James Marshall
Elizabeth Z. Gadaire
Ellen C. Rutan
Ellen Frank
Ellie Scott
Emily Follansbee
Emily H. Jostrand
Emily M. Dresser
Eric and Lise Sanders
Eric and Tracey Wilkie
Erica Frost Esquivel
In honor of Mr. Ellis Baker
Mr. Baker helped me to develop confidence in my abilities as a writer during a time in my life when I needed extra encouragement. Thank you, Mr. Baker, for being an excellent teacher! I truly appreciate the positive impact you had on my life.
Erica S. Faulkner
Erica W. Teece-Hodges
Erich Cramer
Erich Cramer
In honor of Doug Jack, a brave and intrepid classmate.
I have never encountered Doug since graduation, for all I know, he may have died, but I remember his persistence and good humor in overcoming his deafness as a student. This made him a role model for every one of us, and I have never thanked him for that. This is my attempt todo
Esther Kim
Evan L. Loeffler
Flip and Liz Rosenberry
Francis and Lailani Martinez
Frank R. Buonocore
Fred and Diane Chalfonte
Frederick K. Manson
Frederick W. Thorne Jr.
In memory of In memory of A.L. Hepworth
G. Batchelder Ollinger
GREGG Petricca
In honor of Basil Petricca
Geordie Dunnington
George E. Ryan
George Gluz
George J. Hashim
George Shaler
In honor of Alan Shaler
George Volanakis
George and Andrea Anastos
George and Dorothy Dunnington
Gillian Thompson
Glenda Roberts
Thanks to your supportive environment and excellent education, our son furthered his studies in excellent universities and is now a professional in his own right. Williston is a gem.
Glenn & Betsy Morgan
Glenna Clapp
Gordon and Margery Carr
Grace Cammann
Greg Morrison
Gregory Dysart
In honor to my classmates still with us and those that have gone.
Gregory Yu
Grigori Kapoustin
Hansen Yang
Haoshu Xu
Harriet E. Tatro
In memory of In memory of the Donais Family
Heather Harmon
Henry M. Zachs
Henry P. Cheatham
Henry and Kathleen Chalfant
Hillary Bruns
Howard E. Bell
Howard and Virginia Hastings
In Memory of Austen Eadie-Friedmann '02
Austen Eadie-Friedmann '02 September 29, 1983-December 1, 2022
J. Roger & Ilona Cherewatti
J. Stokes Quisenberry
JUDy fisher
Jack and Maryann Gow
Jackson and Jane Coleman
James Brennan and Marilu Brennan
James D. Koch
James E. Cain
James E. Nye
James F. Armstrong
James Ricci
James Robinson
James W. Masland
James and Donna Boyko
James and Elise Hood
James and Heike Coffee
Jamie LaFleur
Jan & Donna GWOZDZIK
Thank you for your positive impact on students
Jane Newman
In memory of Michael I. Ginsberg (please allocate to his scholarship fund)
Janet Egelhofer
Jared Brewer
Jawook Koo and Seran Kwon
Jay Donovan
Jean Hazen
In honor of Jane Ferguson, Susan Caroline Ferguson Scholarship Fund
Jean K. Gromacki
Jeanne C. Miller
Jeff & Courtney MacDonald
Jeff Amanti
Jeffrey DeCaro
Williston made a huge impact on my life and career as a trial attorney. It is an excellent school, and although none of my three children went there (long story), I am now working on my grandchildren.
Jeffrey Hecht
Jeffrey R. Carlson
Jenn & Steve Capshaw
Jenn McDonald
Thank you Williston!
Jenna & Matt Motyka
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Cavazuti
In honor of Greg Tuleja
Jennifer Grabowski
Jennifer Hurwitz
Jennifer L. Lightsey
Jennifer Rivers
Jennifer and Jack Howell
Thank you Williston!
Jennifer and Lance Vachon
In memory of Troy Price ‘88 and Adam Washburn ‘90
Williston was a wonderful experience for both of us and our son is having the time of his life! Thank you, Williston, for you have done, all you do, and all you will do in the future!
Jennifer and Perry Friedman
Jenny Tian
Thank you very much for all the dedication, resilience and hard work! Will keep supporting the community.
Jerome Rosen
Jesse M. Eaton
Jessica Asrican Gentilli
Jessica Berien
Jewell Johns
Jill Yeomans
Supporting all the kids!!
Jim DeAngelis
Jim and Lauren Schattin
Joan W. Arms
Joanie Bussard
Joanna C. O'Kelley
Joanne and Jim Kuzmeski-Jackson
Williston provided our children with an excellent education in a safe environment while fostering social growth and community involvement.
Joe Conroy
Go Williston!!
Joel Schiavone
Johanna Wakelin
John Bradbury
John F. Murphy
John Hayden
Emily, Peter and Daniel Hayden
John Hazen White
John Hodges II
John J. McCabe
John S. Brown
John W. Peterson
John and Almedia Livingston
John and Carolyn Dietel
grateful to the teachers who had such a positive impact on our two children
John and Lisa Joyce
John and Maureen Sheehan
In honor of In memory of Tara T. Sheehan '95
John and Sheila Soja
Jory E. Berkwits
Jose M. Gonzalez Arriola and Maria E. Hudson Alcerreca
Joseph M. Topor
Joseph Scott
Joseph Sico Jr. '76 and Ruth Perkins Sico '75
Joseph W. Podolak
In honor of In memory of Susan Martula Perry '58
Joseph and Angela Wright
Joyce W. Burrill
Julie Eastwood Dwight
Julie Kingsley
Karen Carswell and Daniel Adelmann
Kata Baker
Kate Carl
Kate Medow
Katelyn Schubmehl
In honor of Alec Stall
Katherine Burrill
$50 to Tyler Bell memorial $50 to greatest need
Katherine Topulos
Kathleen Elliott
Kathryn W. Lamb
Katrina Borowiec
Kay Cowperthwait
Kei Zehr
Kelly Babbidge
Kelly ODonnell
Kelly Williamson Polanco
Kelsey Lindsey
Ken and Judy Larson
Kendrick Heath
Kenneth Hahn
In honor of Buddy and Rick
Two of my best Buds!
Kenneth R. Hahn
Kenneth R. Harms
Kevin Collins
Rachel Goldberg is an absolute asset to Williston - keep her happy!
Kevin Li
In honor of Ann Pickrell
Kevin McDaniel
Kevin R. Hoben
Kevin and Barbara Queenin
Kim Gagne
Kim and Steve Kuster
We are so grateful for all that Williston has offered to our son. This is certainly a school that builds confidence, community and momentum! Thank you to all!
Kimberlee Chatson
Kristen Crovo
L. Hall Healy
Thank you to all Williston teachers
Thank you to all the teachers and staff for the great support!
Laura Jofre
Laura and Richard Vachet
Laurie Fischer Heflin '67
Laurie Fischer Heflin '67
Lawrence Hyman
Lawrence R. Hamilton
In honor of In memory of Daniel M. Cain '64
Lawrence and Suzanne Glazer
Lewis Rabinovitz
Lilian Randall
Linda M. Dzwil
Linda Spence
Lindsey Bannish
Lionel Romain
Lisa McCarthy
Lisa and Matt Landon
Lise and Eric Sanders
Liz Zieminski
In honor of Mr. Ellis Baker and the Williston Northampton Theater! Helped make me the theater professional I am today!
Llewellyn Davis
Lois Coerper
Loraine Millman
Lori M. Hynes
Lori Scroggins
Lou and Martha Pacilio
Louis W. Stern
Louis and Stephanie Pane
Louise Montague
Louise Wellborn Spindler
Lynn Cavanagh
Lynn G. Lochhead
We hope Ngoc Hieu to be successful in Williston school
Marc W. Richman
Margery A. Shaw
In honor of In memory of the Shaw Family at Williston in 19th or early 20th century
Margot Cleary
Maria and Scott Luedeke
Williston is such a special community and we love supporting the school our Son loved attending so much!
Marie Innarelli
Marie P. Noonan
Marion J. Clauson
In honor of In memory of William E. Clauson 1906
Mark Berman
Mark Dausch
Mark Rohrer
In honor of Tim Morgan '71
always a Willy
Mark Till
Mark and Stacy Axelman
Martha E. Gregory
In honor of In memory of David Gregory '57
Martha Simpson
Martha W. Baker
Martin and Georganne Sexton
Mary Blanchard Berube
Mary E. Belcourt
In honor of In memory of Noel J. Belcourt, Jr. '53
Mary Sawyer
Matt Aselton
Matt Roberts
In honor of Ryan Ball
Williston Forevermore!
Matthew P. Harrington
Matthew P. and Frances S. Miller
Maurice and Joanne Seguin
Melanie Demetriou
Melissa Duffy
Merry Ross
Mervin Decoteau
Mervin Decoteau and Irva N. Niles-Decoteu
Michael A. and Eileen M. Williamson
Michael Bello
For the squash teams
Michael Coughlin
Michael D. Lockshin
Michael Fay
Michael Lyons
Michael Moonves
Michael Morin
Minoru Machida
Miriam Sosnick
Mitch Epstein
Mj Dumas
Myunghyun Kim
Nancy Follansbee
Nancy S. Aquadro
Nancy and Lynn Wilson
We are grateful to everyone involved that was a part of Hunter's time here. It was a great experience for him and we miss you guys!
Neil McCullough and Andrea Schwarz
Neil and Gail McCullagh
Nennett Suriaga
Nestor M. Nicholas
Nicole Clausing
Ole D. Setsaas
In honor of For Boys Hockey
Owen Mael
Owen S. Walker
Pamela Long
Panop Kasemsarn
Patricia Enright
In honor of Susan Ferguson
Sorry for the recent loss of Susan's beautiful Mother. May they both live on at Williston Northampton.
Patricia Ferris
Patricia J. Parsons
In honor of In honor of Madeleine H. Stern '14 and Caleb M. Stern '19
Paul A. Sonerson
Paul Andrzejczyk
Paul S. Fein
Paul and Kathryn Marcinczyk
Paula Monopoli
Peter I. Wold
Peter J. Guthy
Peter K. Holmes
Peter and Dahlia Butler
Phil Groman
Philip Odusote
Philip S. Fisher
R. Dale Long
In honor of In memory of Jeffrey B. Thomas '67
R. Reed Gramse
Rachel Goldberg
Rachelle Katz
In memory of Jane Ferguson
In memory of Jane Ferguson. Please contribute to the Susan Caroline Ferguson Fund.
Rasha Alturki
Rebecca Bakunin
Rebecca Fleming
In memory of In honor of Kevin Yochim '10 and Katie Yochim '12
Reece Liang
Richard Arms
Richard H. Sheldon
Richard J. Murphy
Richard J. Sandulli
Richard L. Adelmann
In memory of In memory of William A. Hamilton '61
Richard L. Fricke
Richard S. Howland
Richard Wagman and Mindy Pincus, P'14
Richard and Joanne Spiker
Richard and Roberta Steingart
Rigoberto Gonzalez and Irene Calderon
Robert Cleary and Sheila Turner-Cleary
Robert F. Thomas
Robert J. Barnini
Robert J. Samuelson
Robert Jackler
Robert K. Story
Robert O. and Jill C. Wilson
Robert S. Ebersold
Robert Stone
Robert Tullis
50th Reunion Gift
Roberta and Steve Berrien
Rod Carnie
Roger A. Lockwood
Ronald Gwiazda
In honor of Henry J. Gwiazda
Rose Marie Murphy
Rosemary Tarantino
Roy S. Weiner
Russell Creighton
Great education
Russell D. Sherman
Rustin McIntosh
Ruth Stevens
In honor of Phil and Sarah Stevens
Ruth Stevens
In memory of Phil and Sarah Stevens
My parents would be proud at the school's growth, stability and dedication to its students, faculty and staff.
Ryan Callahan
S.A. Fogleman
Sam Greeley
Samuel T. Warner
Sandy and George Garfunkel
Sara E. Northrup and Patricia C. Gibbs
Sarah Hoffman
Sarah K. Wilkie
Sarah Kay
In memory of Jane Ferguson, Susan Carolline Ferguson Scholarship Trust
Sarah S. Somerville
Scott Perry
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera
Seokjoung An and Gyumi Ryu
Serge Dube and Isabelle Royer
Serra Aladag
Sheila Fisher
In honor of Lorraine Teller
Sheryl Poplstein
Shintaro Okuno
Shirley M. Smith
In honor of In memory of Henry W. Smith '44
Sian Lewandowski and Kim Yap
Smith Brothers Insurance
In honor of In honor of Chuck McCullagh's extensive service and significant contributions to Williston Northampton and the entire Independent Schools industry
Stacey Marien
In honor of Jane Ferguson, mother of Susan Ferguson.
Please contribute to the Susan Caroline Ferguson Fund
Stefne Lynch and Shiraz Mardirossian
Stephen & Molly Hoyt
Stephen A. Leber
Stephen C. and Melinda H. Bradley
Stephen D. and Ann Martin
Stephen Durant and Ellen See Durant '64
Stephen M. Abrams
Stephen and Suzanne Kulik
Steve and Nancy Green
Steven & Eileen Krol
Steven Andrezyk
Steven Fischel
Steven Haddad
Let's go Cats!
Steven Weiner
Stewart and Andrea Walker
Sun Ki Hwang
In honor of Jun Suk Hwang
Thank you for teaching & taking care of Jun Suck.
Surat Sukcharoenyingyong
In honor of Rujaluk Sukcharoenyingyong
Susan Andrew
Susan Barrett
Thank you Williston!
Susan C. Julian
Susan Everets
Susan R. Robbins
Susette Lyons
Suzanne Cote-Croce
In honor of Chandler Croce ( future Wildcat class of 2037! )
Here’s to amazing humans, being amazing in this world!
Suzanne Woolley
In honor of Jane Ferguson
In honor of Jane Ferguson: for the Susan Caroline Ferguson Fund
T. Michael & Katherine White
Tamara D. Richardson
Tammy Neils-Walker and Dale Walker
Tania Shaum
Taylor Jones
Taylor Scyocurka
Teresa Meadows
The Elvin Family
Thomas Louis
Thomas Lucey
Thomas M. Ewing and Caroline Officer Ewing
Thomas N. Sullivan
In honor of In memory of Andrew J. Sullivan '55
Thomas Wallace
Thomas Zavorski
Thomas and Melanie Barnes
Tiffany Umaña
Timothy Diehl
Timothy Wallace
Tina Zalewski
Tom H. Roberson
In honor of In memory of George C. Buell
Tom LaSalle
In honor of Bob Hutzler '58
Tommy Reed
Great work improving Williston!
Tommy Reed
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Cheers to the Williston team!
Torunn Rhodes
Victor Moye
My nephew, Jonathan Ng, attended your school I think between 2001 to 2005
Vincent L. Cohee
Virginia A. Phakos
Virginia West
Vuttichai Wanglee
Walter Graff
Walter Piekarski
Walter Thayer
Warren Hayward
Wen Zhou and Yiqun Guo
Wendy Hannah
Wes Tator
In honor of Women of Williston
I am moved by your commitment to gender/racial equity. I was not sure what was wanted in the affiliation question so I got a bit creative. My years were 1960-1963 which the system does not seem to take. I said yes to volunteering as this is my 60th. As a starting point, please send me a full class list including those living and deceased. If you have it, I would like to know what year those who are deceased passed. It is great to be back. The last time I was with you, I developed a bit of a position how green the buildings should/can be and that has kept me away. That has evolved to be a commitment to high-performance buildings that provide the best return on investment. What brought me back is the latest Bulletin. Thanks for all you do and the rich education you provide.
Wilfred Shepardson
William C. Lang
William D. Borkon
William Fogg
William Haynor
William M. and Marcia Mallett
William Wagner
Winifred G. Alogna
Wynne Brown
We are grateful for Williston and the education of the whole child.
Xiaochuan Luo
Xinfu Zhao and Xiuling Chen
Yan Xing
Yasser Hussain
Let every day that passes be better then the previous
Yasser and Khadija Hussain
Yiao-Tee Hsia
Yvonne Tropp-Epstein
In honor of A. Robert Veronesi
Andrew wooden
I am glad to make my reunion year gift!
Brittany weiss
Crawford cutts
Diane and john dudeck
In honor of Jonathan Dudeck
Frank vana
Jay Leet
Joanne pinnell
In honor of Charles Pinnell
Charlie loved Williston and felt his days there were most important in shaping him and preparing him for the future. He delighted in attending the Wildcat weekend in Mystic every year and the friendships formed all those years lasted for the whole of his life.
Myungryun lee
Philip wilkinson
In honor of Philip W. Wilkinson
In memory of Philip W. Wilkinson
Thank you for a great foundation in education and athletic that lasted a lifetime for my father.
Shannon sakaske
In honor of Mr. Richard Gregory
Mr. Gregory, I will forever remember you coming over to me at the bus stop and encouraging me to keep singing. You had me join the chamber singers and you cemented my continuing love of music. Your encouragement allowed me to be brave and keep singing. I may be a scientist, but I can now say that with all this practice I've performed at Carnegie Hall!
Please use this gift for the AST department
In honor of Ms Marsland, Ms Klumpp, Mr Gunn

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Jewell JohnsGrandparent ’24
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Thomas WallaceAlumni ’68
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James and Heike CoffeeParent ’26
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Wes TatorAlumni ’63
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In honor of Women of Williston
I am moved by your commitment to gender/racial equity. I was not sure what was wanted in the affiliation question so I got a bit creative. My years were 1960-1963 which the system does not seem to take. I said yes to volunteering as this is my 60th. As a starting point, please send me a full class list including those living and deceased. If you have it, I would like to know what year those who are deceased passed. It is great to be back. The last time I was with you, I developed a bit of a position how green the buildings should/can be and that has kept me away. That has evolved to be a commitment to high-performance buildings that provide the best return on investment. What brought me back is the latest Bulletin. Thanks for all you do and the rich education you provide.
Douglas SchwartzAlumni ’70
Supported 16 days ago
Esther KimAlumni ’14
Supported 17 days ago
Erica Frost EsquivelAlumni ’99
Supported 17 days ago
In honor of Mr. Ellis Baker
Mr. Baker helped me to develop confidence in my abilities as a writer during a time in my life when I needed extra encouragement. Thank you, Mr. Baker, for being an excellent teacher! I truly appreciate the positive impact you had on my life.
Jeff & Courtney MacDonaldParent ’20
Supported 18 days ago
Haoshu XuAlumni ’13
Supported 19 days ago
Brendan McCartneyAlumni ’08
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